Do It Yourself

Free Book In October, 2016, Alan published the first book dedicated to JTBD called When Coffee and Kale Compete. It illuminates the principles of JTBD, documents several case studies of those principles in action and introduces practices and methods. It’s available as a free PDF here.

Articles We manage and contribute to the biggest collection of JTBD resources on the internet at There you will find articles about JTBD theory, how to apply JTBD thinking in your business, and examples of how others are using it. 

Podcast We publish a podcast called JTBDin5. In each episode we take 5 minutes to cover an practical topic to help listeners understand and apply JTBD thinking to their own work.

 Free Consultation As time allows, I'm always happy to have a free, 30 minute chat to answer any questions you have as you are trying to apply JTBD Thinking to your business. 

2 Day Workshop

This service is best place to start if you want to give your product and marketing teams a hands on introduction to using JTBD thinking in their work. 


but are having a hard time teaching it to your team and getting them excited about it. You've had them watch the Udemy course, listen to a few podcast episodes, read a book, but they are not incorporating it in to their work. 

We will help your team become better at interviewing customers and modeling data gathered during those conversations. We will show you how to recruit for, execute and document customer interviews. designed to reveal the jobs your customers are hiring your product to get done. 

We will give a practical introduction to Jobs to be Done using data we will help your team gather from your customers.  

Starting at $9,900

5 Day sprint

At the end of the week, your team will have rich, memorable stories that illustrate how customers are trying to make progress in their lives. They will understand why customers choose between your product and other solutions for their Jobs to be Done. They will motivated to work together to improving your product and create innovative new ones.

The product and marketing teams will speak the same language and everyone will know what they need to do next. They will evolve from being marketers, product developers, designers to value creators. 

Starting at $19,900