Here is a great format for describing a Job to be Done:

[ The pain point or aspiration the customer faces ]
[ How they imagine their life being better when they have a solution to help them with that pain point]

Here is an example using this format to describe why customers buy products: 

Free me from the difficult choices I have to make as I try to figure out what products won’t harm my newborn, so I can enjoy parenthood rather than being stressed out by it.

This sentence is concrete enough to show both the customer's struggle (the job) and how the she envisions her life being better when she has a solution to help her with that struggle (the job is done). 

Furthermore, the description is abstract enough that customers can choose a variety of solutions for help getting this job done: 

  • Calling Mom 
  • Ask friends for advice on Facebook
  • Search Google for advice

A well defined Job to be Done helps you focus on what's important about your customer's struggle. The insight will help your marketing team build ad campaigns with huge conversation rates, your product team will undersand what features to enhance and which to kill, your innovation team will be able to find dramatically better ways to help customers get their jobs done

Motile helps teams understand, describe and use JTBD insights. 

For more, see our JTBDin5 podcast episode on this topic.